If you search online for ‘EasySpy Reviews‘ or ‘EasySpy Cell Tracker Review‘ you will find a ton of stuff out there and most of it is BS!  These are all affiliates trying to make commissions selling EasySpy Cell Tracker so they are not telling you the truth about EasySpy. Read this entire EasySpy Cell Tracker review from top to bottom and I will reveal all the FACTS about EasySpy Cell Tracker without any of the hype or sales garbage.



  • EasySpy is by far the least expensive cell phone spy there is. EasySpy costs a one time single payment of $69 with no monthly or future fees. The next least expensive cell phone tracker is Spybubble.
  • Money back guarantee. You can rest easy here. All of EasySpy payments and refund are handled by one of the largest third party payment processors Avangate.
  • Full technical support which includes email, help desk, chat and live 800 technical support Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.



  • EasySpy Cell Tracker does not work with as many cell phones as some of the other phone spy. Before purchasing EasySpy make sure the cell phone you wish to track with it is in the compatible phones list. If in doubt, contact EasySpy technical support.



EasySpy cell tracker software box.EasySpy is a app meant to be installed to smart phones for the purpose of monitoring and tracking a cell phone as well as all of the cell phones communications.

EasySpy runs in total stealth and is impossible to detect.

Most typical user of EasySpy includes:

  • Husband or Wife suspicious of infidelity wanting to use EasySpy to see if the husband is cheating or if the wife is cheating by viewing all of the partners calls and text messages as well as their physical location at any time desired.
  • A parent wanting to monitor a child or teen cell phone and use EasySpy cell tracker as a parental monitoring solution.

 [EasySpy Cell Tracker Website]



There are two parts to any cell phone spy:

  1. The sender (the actual thing doing the spying).
  2. The receiver. This is where you can view all of the details the send captures and sends.

The sender is a smart phone app that you put on their cell phone. Its easy to do.

  1. Launch their cell phones web browser. It works just like a web browser on a computer.
  2. Enter the url of the EasySpy Cell Tracker spy app in the cell phone browser address bar (EasySpy will email you the url of the spy app immediately after ordering EasySpy).
  3. Enter the serial number of the spy app (again, provided in email by EasySpy right after ordering).
  4. Let the app complete downloading (about 60 seconds).
  5. Done!

The sender/spy is now installed in a totally hidden manner waiting for things to spy on like calls and text messages. As this occurs the spy app silently uses their cell phones internet connection to transmit the details to the receiver.

The Receiver is a section of the EasySpy website. You log in to the website with your username and password (also provided by EasySpy in the after purchase email). You can log in any time of day or night 24/7/365. This is your EasySpy Cell Tracker members area. From there you can see full explicit details of everything outlined in EASYSPY CELL TRACKER FEATURES below.

[EasySpy Cell Tracker Website]



When you log in to your EasySpy Cell Tracker members area you are presented with a column of tabs to the left. Each tab represents different, specific, information the spy app (the sender) has sent to the members area (receiver). Clicking any of the tabs shows that panel. Each of the tabs is divided up as shown below. (image provided for reference as well as description of each spy feature (tab)).

EasySpy Cell Tracker control panel.


spy on cell phone calls: see every single incoming and outgoing call including:

  • exact time of each call.
  • how many minutes each call lasts.
  • phone number calls are made to and received from.
  • any matching contact information on the cell phones contacts list.

Spy on Text Messages: see every text message sent and received including:

  • exact time each sms/text is sent/received.
  • phone number text messages are sent to and received from.
  • any matching contact info in cell phones contact list.
  • the exact word for word contents of every text message.

Calender Spy: see all appointments made inside the cell phone holders calender.

Apps installed/uninstalled: any time the cell phone holder installs or uninstalls and app from their cell phone you will see what the app was that was installed or uninstalled and at what date and time.

Spy on Emails: spy on all incoming and outgoing emails including:

  • exact time emails are sent and received.
  • who they are sent to and received from.
  • the exact contents of the emails as they were sent and received.

View Contacts Info: you can view every single person stored in the cell phones contact list including any information the cell phone holder has entered about that person which includes but not limited to:

  • their name.
  • their phone number(s).
  • their address.
  • any notes made by the cell phone holder about that person.

Spy on Websites Visited: see all websites visited with the target cell phones web browser including:

  • the web address (www.blabla).
  • the time the website was visited.

GPS Physical Location Spying: see the exact location of the cell phone right now and see the exact locations that have been at in the past. This information is viewed on a map that shows plot points indicating their position over time.

Chat/Instant Messenger Spying: there are many different chat applications people use besides built in text messaging. EasySpy Cell Tracker lets you see conversations that take place via these other chat mediums which include the following.

Media Monitoring: any photo or video taken by the cell phone owner, a copy of them is silently sent to your EasySpy Cell Tracker members area for your to see:

  • see time each photo or video was captured.
  • see the location it was captured.
  • see date + time the photo or video is captured.

Audio Surveillance: send the target cell phone a special proprietary SMS/text message command. (this is revealed in your EasySpy Cell Tracker members area and kept private until you are a member for obvious reasons). If the target cell phone is NOT in a phone conversation then their cell phones mouthpiece will silently be activated turning their cell phone into an audio bugging device allowing you to hear everything going on around it. The effect is the same as if you were in a conversation and they put their cell phone down and forgot to hang up.

Call Recording: recordings of cell phone conversations they have can be recorded on these audio recordings are saved and stored in your EasySpy Cell Tracker members area. Explicit instructions for setting this spy feature are in your members area as well.

 [EasySpy Cell Tracker Website]


Below are images inside the EasySpy Cell Tracker members area from a few of the tabs so you can get a visual idea of information revealed via the EasySpy Cell Tracker phone spy application.


easyspy members area contacts

easyspy members area contacts

easyspy members area gps location tracking showing current position of person being spied on.

easyspy members area gps location tracking showing current position of person being spied on.

easyspy membersarea photo video captured

easyspy membersarea photo video captured

[EasySpy Cell Tracker Website]


Remember to take any ‘reviews’ regarding ANYTHING online with a grain of salt. The internet is one of the most corrupt mediums simply because it is the least controlled and least monitored. 99.9% of the ‘EasySpy Cell Tracker Reviews’ online, if labeled or title honestly, would actually read ‘Bullshit I’ll tell you about EasySpy Cell Tracker so you Buy it and I make a Commission’.

An easy way you can tell if a link is just an affiliate link where the website owner or product review is just interested in commissions is when you hover your mouse over the link that leads to the website:

List of EasySpy Cell Tracker Reviews Online

[EasySpy Cell Tracker Website]


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